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Agile Series Enclosed Speakers


DB Unlimited's Agile series enclosed speakers deliver plug-and-play full-range audio solutions, tuned for optimal performance in an array of shapes and sizes. These sealed, ported, and even waterproof speaker enclosure designs perfectly support audio applications from product development to final assembly.

With the Agile series, there is no need to calculate, design, and wait for molded housings or even 3D printing to properly enclose the speaker. These versatile speaker solutions take out the guesswork. With easy to install mounting options to lower manufacturing costs while still delivering custom enclosure like performance, DB Unlimited's Agile series helps support the entire design through the manufacturing process.

  • High-performance speakers in sealed, tuned, and ported enclosures
  • Stand-alone, turnkey, plug-and-play full-range audio solutions
  • Various shapes and sizes with easy mounting options
  • Some models are waterproof