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HE-N Series High Capacity 120 A SPST Relays


Panasonic’s HE-N series high capacity relays can switch 120 A at 480 VAC in a simple, SPST configuration. The HE-N relays have a 1 Form A (SPST-NO) contact arrangement and have a high switching capacity of 120 A at 480 VAC or 55 A at 800 VAC. They also have a large contact gap of 3.6 mm which is a requirement for solar inverter applications. These relays offer a compact size of 50 mm x 40 mm x 43 mm and can be mounted on a PC board without screw terminals. Their small size allows for easier design and low power consumption with only 400 mW coil holding power. This fits well with the solar industry trend moving towards larger scale inverters to create more power generation and reduce costs.

  • High switching capacity: up to 120 A at 480 VAC or 55 A at 800 VAC
  • Compact size: 50 mm x 40 mm x 43 mm
  • Saves space on the PC board
  • Can be mounted on a PCB using wide blade terminals rather than screw terminals 
  • Large contact gap: 3.6 mm providing high isolation between open contacts for added safety
  • Low coil holding voltage: 400 mW consumes minimal operating power
  • RoHS compliant