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VFD-EL Series Micro AC Drives


Delta IA’s VFD-EL series multi-function micro AC drives with built-in EMI filters and RFI switches feature easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high-precision current detection, overload protection, and a built-in keypad.

The built-in EMI filter reduces electromagnetic interferences and complies with EN61800-3 standards. The convenient RFI switch allows the “Y” capacitor to be removed when used with IT mains supplies.

Multiple VFD-EL drives can be connected in parallel to share the regenerative braking energy; this prevents overvoltage and stabilizes the DC bus voltage. (Not available for 115 V models.)

The VFD-EL series has complete protection functions for high precision current detection, full overload protection, overvoltage/overcurrent stall prevention, short-circuit protection, reset after fault, speed search function, and motor overheat protection by PTC.

  • Standard Modbus protocol via RS-485
  • Built-in EMI filter (230 V 1-phase and 460 V 3-phase)
  • Compact design
  • Optional Fieldbus modules
  • RFI switch for IT mains
  • Easy DC bus sharing
  • Conveyor and transportation machinery
  • Food processing
  • Machine tool/metal processing machinery
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Fan/pump equipment
  • Paper/textile machines