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Microphone Development Kit


CUI's MEMS and ECM microphone development kits consist of four detachable evaluation circuits. Supporting their line of MEMS microphones, the MEMS development kit includes two analog output MEMS microphones and two digital output MEMS microphones, each with top and bottom sound port options.

CUI's ECM development kit, part of their range of electret condenser microphones, features one noise cancelling ECM, an ECM for unidirectional sound capture, an omnidirectional ECM, and an analog output MEMS microphone with two pin connections that can serve as a drop-in replacement for electret condenser microphones.

MEMS Development Kit Features
  • Four detachable boards
  • Two analog MEMS microphones
  • Two digital MEMS microphones
  • Top and bottom sound port options
ECM Development Kit Features
  • Four detachable boards
  • One noise cancelling ECM microphone
  • One unidirectional ECM microphone
  • One omnidirectional ECM microphone
  • One analog output MEMS microphone